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Steve Newton is the owner and manager of ENREC STUDIOS in Tamworth, NSW. The premises was once the home of the famous Hadley Records owned and operated by Eric & Hillary Scott. After the couple retired, the studio sat silent for a while but it is now once again a hive of recording and musical activity.  

Steve first became interested in tape recorders as a young boy in the late 60’s. Steve’s father Slim Newton, famous for the classic “Redback On The Toilet Seat”, had a reel to reel tape recorder that he used to record demos to try and secure a record deal which of course he succeeded in doing so with the afore mentioned Hadley Records in Tamworth. Steve saw these things as a child and grew up immersed in song writing, performing, recording and touring. By the mid 70’s Steve was gaining experience with recording whilst on tour with his folks on “The Rick and Thel Carey Show".

In 1978, Steve began a career as a musician travelling throughout Australia and New Zealand with a number of touring shows. This was largely due to Steve’s older brother Eric who was an excellent guitarist. Eric encouraged Steve to quit his day job and to begin touring as a rhythm guitar player.

Eric and Steve had often talked about one day having a recording studio of their own and Eric eventually purchased a brand new TEAC four track reel to reel tape recorder and an eight channel mixing desk. Tragically, Eric was killed in a car accident just outside of Tamworth in 1981. Steve decided to go ahead and to fulfil the dream that the brothers had.

In 1983, Steve and his friend Ed Matzenik formed ENREC STUDIOS in Tamworth. The studio recorded and released  around 180 titles just on the ENREC label alone. In 1992 ENREC relocated to Kurri Kurri just outside of Newcastle, there Steve had two very busy years of recording and subsequently began working with John Williamson. After meetings with John and his then manager, Phil Matthews, Steve returned to touring full time with John, working as his Production and Tour Managers. The most recent John Williamson album that Steve has worked on is “Big Red”.

By the end of 2005, Steve took a break from touring and returned to recording full time. Steve has worked on numerous new titles including albums for his dad Slim Newton and Warren H. William’s new album which is due for release through ABC Music.

Since opening the Tamworth studio, work has been much like the weather, sometimes patchy, sometimes too much at once. Through the last five years the studio business has changed dramatically and so Steve's services have varied accordingly. Steve began exploring video as another medium to work with in the mid 90’s and it now constitutes a significant proportion of the schedule at ENREC STUDIOS. The ENREC team have produced a number of live DVD videos, 30 episodes of a live streamed TV Country Music show, promotional documentaries and several cost effective music videos.


Steve began his recording career just after the transistor was invented and has seen many changes in technology, musical styles and ideas. Steve's knowledge and command of current digital technologies combined with "old school" analogue experience gives him a unique ability to get the best from both worlds.

Although Steve’s background is mainly Country Music, he has recorded and worked in many other styles of music. All the way from Euphonium Orchestras and Symphony Orchestras to Heavy Metal bands and beyond!

Steve’s first instrument is guitar but he is also a very competent bass player. He also plays mandolin, dobro, piano and pretty much anything you put in front of him! Steve has also toured with many big stars including Tammy Wynette, Johnny Chester, Glen Campbell, and many more.

Steve’s vision for  the future for ENREC STUDIOS isthat of a modern, friendly and productive recording studio. He also sees a future for Tamworth, the Country Music Capital of Australia, as the primary location to produce quality Australian Country Music.

As Chairman of the Capital Country Music Association (CCMA Steve is actively involved in promoting local country music and artists at a grass roots level.

Tamworth has a long history of country music recording and the efforts of Steve and his team at ENREC STUDIOS will ensure this will continue for many years to come.

Tracy Coster has been with ENREC STUDIOS for just over two years now, working in the office and helping with the day to day running of the studio. If you were place a call to ENREC STUDIOS, chances are Tracy will be your first point of contact.

Tracy has been assisting Steve with administration, production co-ordination, occasional backing vocals and generally taking care of maintenance and just about everthing else. She is also the current Assistant Secretary for the Capital Country Music Association (CCMA).

Tracy was born into country music. Daughter of the legendary Stan Coster, she grew up performing as a integral part of her parent's travelling country music show since age thirteen.

Tracy's three albums up to 1994’s “Play The Game” saw her developing her talent following her own unique path, but her 2000 album, “Bush Baby” was very much in the traditional mold.

A significant benchmark was the 2004 release of “Coster Country”, a tribute to her father Stan and his music. The album featured duets from John Williamson, Adam Harvey, Lee Kernaghan and Anne Kirkpatrick. There is also a very special duet with her Dad.

A host of awards followed including a Golden Guitar in 2005 for her vocal collaboration with Anne Kirkpatrick on “Back To The Saltbush Plains”. Tracy became locked into the bush ballad mold by that success – a career direction driven by both her musical heritage and fan expectations.

Her many successes also include Album of the Year and Heritage Track of the Year at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards, and Album Of The Year and Comedy Song Of The Year at the Stan Coster Memorial Bush Ballad Awards.

The release of her album “Moving On” in 2010, heralded a new phase in Tracy's thirty year musical career. The hit single “Not 40” was supported by a video clip which regularly featured on the Country Music Channel (CMC). Tracy received yet another Golden Guitar nomination for “The Old Black Quart”, the last song ever to be penned by Tracy’s father, Stan Coster. The track was resurrected and re-worked with help from a handful of mates, Quinny, Chris Pritchard and Roger Corbett.

Tracy has reached yet another important milestone in her journey. Her musical itinerary still takes in those wonderful qualities of Australia, but puts her personally in a new place. At ENREC STUDIOS!

Isaac Newton assists with general recording duties, camera work, video lighting and audio archiving. He has worked for over ten years in the area of concert lighting with Australian Crewing. Most notably, Isaac has worked with John Williamson as a lighting director and sound re-enforcement technician.

Isaac also has great performance and music writing skills which enhance his understanding of the studio environment and the recording process in general.

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