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We can copy almost anything to a Hard Disk, CD, USB drive or any other digital storage format that you require.

We can transfer all hard copy material such as photos, press clippings, promo and any other memorabilia as well as any demos or masters you might have on Cassette, DAT, CD, Reel To Reel, Video etc. on to a Hard Disk structured into easily searchable categories.

Supported formats to transfer program material from include:

Analogue Tape Formats
Cassette Pro 4 track
1/4" 2 & 4 track Teac/Tascam (with NR)
1/2" 16 track Fostex
1" 8 track Ampex
1" Tascam MS16 16 track (with DBX)
2" Otari MTR90 24 track

Digital Tape & Optical Formats
R-Dat DA-30 Tascam
Sony R-Dat
Alesis Adat 8 track
Sony PCM501 VHS/Beta digital

Other Formats
Various Video formats (call for information)
Vinyl / 78's / Cylinders
Hi-res A3 scanner for images

Call us if you have any questions about formats and transfers.


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