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We have been steadily growing the Video Production side of our business and to date have produced a number and a variety of video clips.


Give Steve or Tracy a call to discuss your next video clip. The team at ENREC have the facilities and experience to show you in the best possible light.

Warren H Williams, John Williamson and Pixie Jenkins - Desert Child (unofficial Clip)

The un-official music clip for this great song from the trio. It features a combination of live performance and exterior shots.

Gus Helm - Paroo River Dreaming

This clip was made from a quick grab of footage while Gus was in town recording his album. It has been a great promotional tool for getting the song out to the public.

Errol Gray - Take Me Where the Whiting are Biting

In the war against terror, there's one solution the world leaders haven't looked at... Round up the terrorists and take'em fishing for a week. They'll be so relaxed and laid back, they'll never want to blow anybody up again!

Errol Gray - Let it Rip

A "Dutch Oven" classic, written and performed by Errol Gray.

Deb Maes - Imagine More

This corporate promotional video was done to help out a friend and a has great message included.

Brian Summers - Only Ninteen (Demo)

This is a very quick video demo made during the recording sessions for the album "PROUD" by Brian Summers.

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